Cool GTPlanet livery in Project Cars approved

Published - 06 Jan 2015

Our friend Jordan, over at GTplanet, has had a special livery created by and approved by Ruf Porsche and the SMS - Projects Cars team. Check out the cool GTPlanet graphics (conceived by GTPlanet member Willfred_1 and custom designed by FLX1981). Two version will be available. Love the video visuals - as an indication of what can be expected from P Cars. 

Project Cars will be released for Playstation 4, X Box One and PC starting March 17th in the US and the 20th in Europe.

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Project Cars - Donington track video game vs real footage

Published - 04 Jan 2015

Project Cars is due out on PlayStation 4, X Box One and PC on March 14th in the US and 20th in Europe. This video by Digiprost shows the incredible detail and how realistic the visuals will be. The production of Project Cars, by including the user base in the development, was a smart move. In reality it imposes a new level of checks and measures past what an employee paid to do the job would apply. Plus a vast alternative expertise and thought set ready to tackle a problem.  

Given the level of detail and graphic representation of Project Cars, then add a VR headset, like Oculus Rift - its going to be sim driving at a new level. The new generation of VR headsets have not hit the consumer market as yet. All are at SDK developer releases but freely available. That's good news as support for VR and its potential have been considerations for PC and consoles software developers.

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Assetto Corsa new Lamborghini Miura Video

Published - 30 Dec 2014

The car that defined "Super Car" - the Lamborghini Miura. One of the most beautiful cars designed with the first scissor style doors (which were meant to signify Bulls horns when open and looking from the front). Mr Lamborghini built this car in response to buying a Ferrari which broke down. He took it the troublesome Ferrari back to Enzo, and told him it was rubbish and he would make his own car. And why not - he did make tractors!

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PlayStation Footage of Project Cars

Published - 28 Dec 2014

Here is a recent (thanks GotGame) interview with Andy Turdor (Art Director) of Project Cars with Playstation footage. The highlights - 1080p, 60 frames per second, PS4 and PC versions. Plus Sony Project Morpeheus (PS4) and Oculus Rift support (on PC).

Project CARS will be available for the PC, Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One starting March 17 in the United States and March 20 in Europe.

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"The Crew" Open Beta Driving Game by Ubisoft

Published - 26 Dec 2014

"The Crew" by Ubisoft is an open beta of there new driving game. A polished trailer but seems to have a mixed user experience....

You can get a download code here for a limited time.

The Crew will be out on Playstation 3 & 4, X BOX One and PC.

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A Life Changing Oculus Rift Experience

Published - 25 Dec 2014

Continuing on our series on Virtual Reality headset updates this video this reviewer looks at two demo video's. Although there are issues (with a couple of hangs) the emotional impression of the experience shows what can be expected.  (Ed: In "The Blue Marble" the demo goes as long as the chosen sound track. The users choice of music can be played in sync with the demo -once converted to an .ogg file. It may have been a corrupt sound file.)

I am backing the simulation and pleasure world will be changed by Oculus Rift and products like Project Morpheus from Sony. Microsoft has recently signed a deal for US$150m with Osterhout Design Group, a wearable tech developer, fuelling speculation that they are working on a VR heasdset of their own. You have to be encouraged when the big players weigh in with there financial might. Don't rule out other smaller tech companies like VRVANA with their product Totem.  They are claiming some major advantages over both the big players, like support for all operating systems including Consoles.

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Assetto Corsa Mazda 787B Final Preview video

Published - 24 Dec 2014

I had the pleasure and pain (long story) of getting to Le Mans 24 hour in 1991. This was an epic era of the Silk Cut Jaguars, Mercedes Silver Arrows, 962 Porches and the 908 Peugeots (which went up in flames twice!).

But what unfolded was Mazda's 787B famous victory. (I loved the 787B on GT4...) and now Assetto Corsa has its own beautifully model car by Sander Racing being readied for release. The Mazda's unique (ear splitting) rotary sound has been worked to perfection.

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Grand Prix Legends '66 CanAm mod video

Published - 22 Dec 2014

One of the main reasons I got into driving simulators was to improve my concentration skills. I had undertaken one of those mad cap challenges you get a once in a life time to do. Mine was to drive the Gumball Rally from London to Monaco in 2005.

My chosen car was a 1966 MkII Lola T70 Spyder. We finished the adventure after driving for 5 days (and nights). Driving a CanAm car is like nothing else . Driving one on the road is something else again.

The car was downrated to 425 Hp 383 inch "stroker" Chevy and ran a 5 speed ZF transaxle from a GT40. No traction control, no ABS, in fact no speedo (we used a GPS) no hand brake, no spare wheel and a "Leatherman" multitool as the only tool!

So you can image taking to the roads of Europe in a thundering race car sort of shocked (the officials) mostly. We got the car though the event with the daily mechanical affection of my fiance (now wife, how could you nor marry her...) and the wonderful enthusiasm of the fanatical onlookers in each of the 13 countries we powered through.

I was over the moon to see the "work in progress - mod" video for the '66 CanAm series. Gran Prix Legends has been around for 16 years and has a faithful following keeping the software going.

Included car models;

McLaren M1B Chevrolet 361,

McLaren M1B Chevrolet 333,

Lola T70 Mk II Chevrolet 359,

Chaparral 2E,

Lola T70 Mk II Ford 305,

Lola T70 Mk II Ford 427,

McLaren M1A,

Lola T70 Mk II Chevrolet 333,

McLaren M1B Ford 289,

Huffaker Genie Mk 10.

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Project Cars versus iRacing versus Real Life.

Published - 20 Dec 2014

You have to be impressed by the fidelity of the sim racing software with the likes of iRacing and Project CARS´╗┐. Check out this video of a real lap of Leguna Seca versus Project Cars.

Project CARS will be released for the PC, Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One starting March 17 in the United States and March 20 in Europe, coming both as standard edition as well as being available as Limited Edition which has additional content. iRacing is an online community of 50,000+. Check it out at

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Virtual Reality Headset Comparison by SimRoom

Published - 18 Dec 2014

Oculus Rift has had all the headlines recently. Originating as a hugely successful Kickstarter project, then quickly being taken over by the Facebook behemoth (for US$2 billion), its been the "buzz".

After using Oculus Rift virtual reality on VBS military tactical simulation software, I'm sold. Simply, it is hard to describe being "in" the world versus seeing into it. The one thing I am confident VR is, that the emerging tech is a game changer. Thats not to say it's perfect now. There are a few problems based around resolution and motion sickness.

Back to the main steam contenders; the Oculus / Samsung partnership and Sony - Project Morpheus and a wild card. In my ongoing research I came across a small company called VRvana from Canada. VRvana have a spec sheet which trumps both for cross platform operability supporting PC, OSX, Linux, Consoles and mobile operating systems. In fact any HDMI output, based on the render processing is in the headset. There VRvana published feature list is below. More on VRvana in an upcoming post.

The point is where 3D could not convert into a killer app my money is on VR to succeed. The development interest of dedicated content is proving to build the "buzz". As the video suggests a main street everyday application is required in order to scale the uptake. Enter Facebook.

Take a look at the video which gives the history and case for Oculus and Sony Project Morpheus.

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