Fanatec “Flat1″ wheel announced

Published - 21 May 2014

Fanatec keeps announcing new steering wheel add-on’s for their Club Sport Wheel base. Today’s announcement is called the “Fanatec Flat1″ The wheel appears to use the same control Base as the Round 1 model.

Just like the Round1 steering wheel, it is a small rim measuring 270 mm, but this one is covered with suede leather. The Fanatec Flat1 also features additional buttons, and what Fanatec calls a tuning display. The wheel looks to be a copy of a MOMO Endurance wheel.

When looking at the preview screen of the Flat1, it almost looks as if this wheel picture is a mock-up. The brackets holding the button boxes do not line up and the Tuning display seemes to cover the Fanatec logo on top. That said, it could be a prototype… or is there another more important reason?

Our best guess is that Fanatec is building the steering wheels as a “Modular Design” where you can add buttons and features to your own liking. ( Keep in mind that this is just speculation on our part) If so, we have to admit this would be a rather cool feature that might please a big part of the Sim Racing community.

Fanatec also hinted that this is not the last wheel on offer. There will be another reveal soon.The next to be released Steering wheel will bring the number of newly announced wheels to six.

The Fanatec Flat1 wheel will be available this summer for 349,95 Euro / USD (incl. tax / excl. tax)

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SRT – Fanatec Clubsport Shifter Review

Published - 14 May 2014

Fanatec’s Clubsport Shifter SQ is currently making the rounds on the sim racing hardware Youtube channels.

With SimRacingReview and Shaun Cole’s new The SimPit channel already having reviewed the shifter, InsideSimRacing can’t off course be much further behind as Darin Gangi has now released his review of Fanatec’s popular shifter as well.

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Fanatec – Carbon Formula Rim Revealed

Published - 12 May 2014

Following the much-discussed Classic wheel rim that was unveiled recently, Fanatec has now shown off another new rim add-on for their CSW wheel base.

The Carbon Formula Rim is an improved version of the Formula Rim, being made of real carbon fiber.

Furthermore, a new feature are exchangeable grips. The rim will sell for 249,95 Euros/Dollars (excluding tax on the Dollar price).

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Fanatec ClubSport Shifter Followup

Published - 09 May 2014

Back in April Doug Meyer of Sim Racing introduced the Fanatec ClubSport Shifter. In this episode he takes a closer look at the shifter and mounts it on his Sim Racing rig. This time Doug talks about the sequential shifter, and will later on do a follow up on the H-Pattern version. 

The Fanatec ClubSport Shifter is available in two different versions. A 7-speed traditional H-Pattern, or the same unit with added sequential support, in which the shifter can be switched from H-pattern to sequential mode by means of a slider on the side of the base unit. 

The regular H Pattern shifter is sold for €149, while the SQ edition will retail for €199. Fanatec provides an optional table clamp for €29.

Official Webpage – www.SimRacingReview.Com

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Fanatec – New Wheel Rim Revealed

Published - 06 May 2014

Remember that some weeks ago there were rumors about a new Fanatec wheel surfacing?

The secret has been lifted now as Fanatec has revealed the Classic wheel rim for the ClubSport base.

Joining the BMW GT2 & Formula rims, the Classic wheel rim is made of metal and leather as Fanatec promises high quality materials with absolutely no plastic being used.

The carefully-chosen materials have an impact on the price though as the wheel rim will retail for 349,95 Euros/Dollars.

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SimRacing Review – Fanatec ClubSport Shifter

Published - 29 Apr 2014

The guys at Sim Racing Review have published a new hardware video review.

This time, Doug Meyer takes a long at Fanatec’s newest product: The Fanatec ClubSport shifter.

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New Fanatec Product Rumored

Published - 14 Apr 2014

Sim racers can look forward to a cool new gadget from Fanatec as a brand new product from German hardware maker is on the horizon.

Following the introduction of the Clubsport shifter, Fanatec has gone a bit silent in terms of new products but it seems like the Fanatec engineers have been working on a brand new product in silence.

Sources close to Fanatec describe the new product as a ” insanely cool new addition to the CSW”. As Fanatec’s CSW base famously supports changeable steering wheel rims, a third wheel rim to add to the Formula & BMW GT2 options would be a likely choice to be the new product.

Thinking a bit outside the box, there is another possibility though: The CSW base does have a “data” port for accessories such as data displays. Up until now, no Fanatec hardware has yet made use of this port – Could the new product be some sort of display addition to the CSW?

Fanatec will reveal the new product “soon”, until then we all can enjoy the guessing games. 

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Fanatec Driver 170 Beta Available

Published - 21 Sep 2013

Fanatec has released a new beta driver for their CSR, Porsche & CSW steering wheels.

The driver introduces some new features as listed below, including support for the now-shipping ClubSport Shifter, improved integration of Fanaleds and more.

New Features

  • CSW: Analog joystick of CSW works as mouse
  • Control panel update for CSS
  • Improved compatibility to external programs like Fanaleds
  • CSW: Map sequential shifter to shifter paddles

The driver is available both as 32 & 64 bit versions for download below.

Important: Users should make sure that the firmware of their wheel is updated to 750 before using the driver!

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SimRacingReview – Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Reviews

Published - 19 Jun 2013

Initial Review

Long Term Review

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Clubsport Shifter

Published - 04 Jun 2013

Fanatech have released a teaser video of their new shifter.  Multiple mounting options are available via the one bracket.

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