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motion systems

D-BOX 4 Piston Motion System

D-BOX 4 Piston Motion System

D-BOX 4 Piston Motion System
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USB “Plug and Play” means your flying or driving soon after your D-BOX system arrives.

Backed by the D-BOX guarantee and reliability, its technology designed to last a lifetime.

1+ G Force of pitch, roll and heave transforms your driving or flying with the feel and movement.

* D-BOX software is Windows PC compatible only.

For further information please click on the FAQ's tab.

  1. Can I use a VR3 Single or Triple Display Stand with a Motion System?

    We do not recommend using the VR3 Single or Tripe Display Stands with a D-BOX Motion System. The motion and vibration created by the D-BOX Motion System may cause damage to the screens.

  2. Does this work with my PS3 or Xbox console?

    No D-Box will only work with Windows based gaming PC's.

  3. These have not answered my questions where can I go?

    You can go to our company FAQ's page, you will find this on the menu bar at the top of the page. Or you are welcome to go to the contact us page where we would be happy to help.

  4. What does the D-BOX 4 Piston Motion System package include?

    The D-BOX 4 Piston Motion System includes the following:

    - VR3 D-BOX Adaptor Frame
    - D-BOX KAI-1P USB Controller
    - D-BOX 4 Piston Motion System