Virtual Reality Headset Comparison by SimRoom

18 Dec 2014

Oculus Rift has had all the headlines recently. Originating as a hugely successful Kickstarter project, then quickly being taken over by the Facebook behemoth (for US$2 billion), its been the "buzz".

After using Oculus Rift virtual reality on VBS military tactical simulation software, I'm sold. Simply, it is hard to describe being "in" the world versus seeing into it. The one thing I am confident VR is, that the emerging tech is a game changer. Thats not to say it's perfect now. There are a few problems based around resolution and motion sickness.

Back to the main steam contenders; the Oculus / Samsung partnership and Sony - Project Morpheus and a wild card. In my ongoing research I came across a small company called VRvana from Canada. VRvana have a spec sheet which trumps both for cross platform operability supporting PC, OSX, Linux, Consoles and mobile operating systems. In fact any HDMI output, based on the render processing is in the headset. There VRvana published feature list is below. More on VRvana in an upcoming post.

The point is where 3D could not convert into a killer app my money is on VR to succeed. The development interest of dedicated content is proving to build the "buzz". As the video suggests a main street everyday application is required in order to scale the uptake. Enter Facebook.

Take a look at the video which gives the history and case for Oculus and Sony Project Morpheus.

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