Inside Sim Racing Forza Announcement Review

Published - 08 Jul 2013

Not to be outdone Forza gets a workout by Darin over at Inside Sim Racing at E3.

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Forza Motorsport 5 vs. Gran Turismo 6 – Video Comparison

Published - 05 Jul 2013

The guys over at MotoGamesTV have put together an interesting comparison video, showing Forza 5 and GT6 side by side.

The video shows a lap around Silverstone in the Nissan GT-R in both titles which are due to be released this winter.

The battle of the console heavyweights is not based on equal ground since Forza Motorsport 5 will be coming to the new Xbox One next-gen platform while GT6 will be released for the trusted Playstation 3 with a PS4 version coming later.

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The Cloud places Forza 5 'on an entirely new plateau beyond anything else'

Published - 28 Jun 2013

Dan Greenawalt fights back at accusations the game is missing features.

Forza 5 will be so good that it should be forgiven if it doesn't feature "every feature under the sun", Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt has said.

Quizzed by "ifcaracing" about the lack of features such as simulated pit stops, tire wear, fuel consumption and more, Greenawalt said: "We feel that the true source of Forza entertainment comes from its overall execution and the emotional connection derived from its unparalleled immersive content.

"I feel that any details that are allegedly missing are far outweighed by our cutting edge graphics and physics. But it's not just these critical aspects; it's also (in the case of FM5) the new power of the Cloud that places us on an entirely new plateau beyond anything anyone has out there. So, I think we can be forgiven if we don't have every feature under the sun."

Greenawalt also made what appears to be a reference to Polyphony Digital's extended development periods for its Gran Turismo games, stating: "We'd like to have every good idea there is, but we have to draw lines too, otherwise we might take 5 years to produce the next version."

And in further defence of Forza and his team at Turn 10, Greenawalt added: "Seriously, we could make a hardcore race sim, but that's not what got us here. We can't take the path that others with less success take; we have to forge our own path.

"And as much as we try to be everything to everyone whether they are a car guy or not, we can only go so deep with any single feature if you know what I mean."

Forza 5 will be released alongside the Xbox One in November.

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Turn 10 Forza 5 Trailer

Published - 02 Jun 2013

Check out an excerpt of the XBox One announcement showing Forza 5.

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