Cool GTPlanet livery in Project Cars approved

Published - 06 Jan 2015

Our friend Jordan, over at GTplanet, has had a special livery created by and approved by Ruf Porsche and the SMS - Projects Cars team. Check out the cool GTPlanet graphics (conceived by GTPlanet member Willfred_1 and custom designed by FLX1981). Two version will be available. Love the video visuals - as an indication of what can be expected from P Cars. 

Project Cars will be released for Playstation 4, X Box One and PC starting March 17th in the US and the 20th in Europe.

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Hands Impression of GT6

Published - 23 May 2013

Our friend Jordan from GTplanet (and VisionRacer VR3 owner) had the pleasure of being present at the GT6 announcement.  Let's see what his first impressions were.

By participating in the big Gran Turismo 6 reveal at Silverstone, I had the opportunity to be one of the first people in the world outside of Polyphony Digital to get some hands-on time with the game. It was, sadly, all too brief, but it was enough to give me a good idea of what the game’s new physics engine feels like, and to capture some of the first gameplay video footage.

Above, you’ll see a few (admittedly quite slow) laps around Silverstone’s International Circuit in one of GT6‘s new cars, the KTM X-Bow R, along with a brief replay.

So, what does Polyphony Digital’s all-new physics engine feel like? It’s hard to describe, but let’s just say I think it will be hard to go back to Gran Turismo 5 after having experiencing GT6.

With traction control disabled and ABS set to 1 (I didn’t notice SRF was “on”…ugh, sorry!), it felt difficult to be “quick” around the track. However, the car was also easier to control, as if I had a better sense of the level of grip available at each wheel and exactly what the car was doing. It felt good.

When I play an older Gran Turismo game, I notice a kind of “numbness” or “dullness” in the handling characteristics of the cars, after having become accustomed to GT5. Now, I think I will feel the same way about GT5 the next time I play it.

The audio which you hear in the video was recorded via the television’s line-out headphone jack. It’s mono (single channel) sound, and doesn’t quite represent the sound that I could hear through the TV’s speakers. Although it’s not a radical change, I did notice a rougher, more visceral texture in the engine note that was more satisfying than what’s provided in GT5.

Regardless, Polyphony Digital’s work with Yokohama and suspension company KW Automotive has no doubt paid off, and the changes were immediately apparent to me after having spent only a very short time with the new game.

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All things Gran Turismo

Published - 19 Dec 2012

Our buddy Jordan over at GTplanet has compiled a huge work about the Gran Turismo series.  As a man that lives and breathes GT he has done a wonderful job of the "GTPEDIA".

Here is Jordan blurb "Packed with trivia, GTPEDIA will fascinate and entertain even the most dedicated fans of the series. GTPEDIA is the ultimate, unauthorized encyclopedia of every game in the GRAN TURISMO® series.With over 375 pages of extensive car lists, track lists, and highly detailed event overviews, it is the single most comprehensive and thorough GT resource ever compiled."

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