In-car Data Recording to GT6 connectivity

Published - 16 Dec 2014

The car world is embracing connectivity between the track and simulator racing. In an early post we showed the Motec data analysis module which can be downloaded.

Nissan Connect NISMO Plus, a new connected service for GT-R NISMO owners, bridges virtual track driving data to be visualized in virtual world -- on GranTurismo 6 and smart phones.

Similar to the GPS Data Visualizer feature designed to work with a special version of the Toyota 86, NISMO Connect records telemetry and GPS location data from the car and then uses it to reproduce the laps inside the game’s environment (note the data can also be used by the NISMO Connect mobile app, as shown in the video, although this app is not associated with GT6).

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Gran Turismo 6 Motec Data Analysis

Published - 08 Dec 2014

If your into the finer points of tuning your driving performance then you will know of MoTeC. MoTeC has evolved into an international force in aftermarket automotive electronics, attracting the support of many top teams in race and rally.
Gran Turismo 6 title (with the latest update) supports Motec’s i2 software. Motec i2 professional-grade Data Analysis software allows GT6 racers to analyse a broad selection of driving data & telemetry to improve their lap times or work on their setups.

The Motec i2 software is available for free download and can be made to work with Gran Turismo 6 in three easy steps:

1. Download Motec i2 for Windows

2. Choose “Export Data for MoTeC i2 Pro” in Gran Turismo 6’s Replay Gallery and export a replay of your choice onto a USB stick.

3. Load the created data file into Motec i2 and start analyzing. 

Thanks for the tip from Jordan at GTPlanet. (VisionRacer VR3 driver).

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Sierra, the longest track ever has been introduced to GT6 with the new game mode - Time Rally

Published - 23 Sep 2014

The “Sierra Time Rally” has been added to [Special Events]. In the first original long course “Circuit de La Sierra” modeled after the Ronda region of Spain, players will attempt to complete a lap around the course within the allotted time.

Time will be extended by passing the checkpoints, and your score will be calculated according to your distance driven. Overtaking other cars will raise your combo level, and there are other possibilities of raising your score based on your driving skills. We invite you to check it out.

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Project CARS – Pagani Nordschleife Comparison

Published - 10 Sep 2014

DigiProst has put together a new comparison video, using Project CARS & Gran Turismo 6.

The video below shows a lap around the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife in the Pagani Huayra both in the upcoming WMD-powered title and the Playstation marquee title.

Project CARS will be available for the PC, Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, coming both as standard edition as well as being available as Limited Edition with additional goodies & content.

Project CARS will be sold both as boxed copies available at your favorite retailers as well as via digital distribution on Steam.

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Gran Turismo 6 – Red Bull Ring Coming

Published - 20 Jun 2014

A new track is heading towards Gran Turismo 6 as the Red Bull Ring has been confirmed for Polyphony Digital’s console racer.

The Red Bull Ring is the newest version of Austrian’s legendary racing venue that started its life as the Österreichring.

Following a second life as the A1 Ring until 2004, the track is now called Red Bull Ring, hosting both the DTM and the Austrian Formula One Grand Prix starting this year.

Below are first previews of the track in Gran Turismo 6, the Red Bull Ring will be released as a free DLC.

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Gran Turismo 6 – Update 6 Available

Published - 11 Apr 2014

Polyphony Digital has released the sixth update for Gran Turismo 6.

The new version adds the GPS Visualizer and Datalogger as well as other changes as listed below:

Data Logger now available

[Data Logger] has been added to the [TOOLS] section in “My Home”. The Data Logger analyzes the driving data stored on a Replay file and displays it in a graph, allowing users to view and compare variations in vehicle speed, acceleration points, braking points, engine rpm values and gear positions.

GPS Visualizer function introduced

[GPS Visualizer] has been added to the [TOOLS] section in “My Home”. By driving a car equipped with the “Sports Drive Logger” (sold by Toyota) on a real-life circuit, the recorded GPS data can be transferred to “Gran Turismo 6” via a compatible USB storage media, and then subsequently converted into Replay file in the game. It’s be possible to compare and analyze these GPS data using the [Data Logger] feature. This feature is currently available with Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit and Suzuka Circuit, with more tracks to be added later on.

Custom Rear Wing option implemented

[Custom Rear Wing] has been added to the [External Parts] menu, accessible from the [Custom Parts] options within the [Tuning & Maintenance] section in “My Home”. You can choose a combination of wing mounts, wing style and side winglets. Users can also adjust the height and width of the wing to their liking. (*Please note this feature isn’t compatible with certain cars.)

3DTV compatibility now added

A [3DTV] option has been added to the [Display] category within the [Options] screen in the [MENU] (accessible by pressing the START button). A 3D compatible TV is required for this feature.

Adjustments to the Open Lobby

From the Member List, it is now possible to see the Performance Points, maximum output and weight of the cars that have joined the room.

An “Overall Best” time is now displayed on screen while in Practice, Qualifying, Time Trial and Drift Trial.

The minimum value for [Max Power Limit] and [Minimum Weight] has been changed from 10 to 1.

The options available in the [Race Type] menu within [Room Settings] of the “Event Settings” screen have been changed.

Other improvements and adjustments

The Traction Control System (TCS) which is activated when driving off-track is now used only in sand/gravel pits.

The strength of the “Real” option for the [Slipstream Strength] parameter within [Race Settings] when creating a room in [Open Lobby], has been weakened.

The update is available to all Gran Turismo 6 users simply by firing up the game while the Playstation 3 is connected to the internet.

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Toyota's 86 drive logger brings real driving to video games

Published - 10 Apr 2014

Toyota is blending the worlds of virtual and real-life car racing with a new accessory for its 86 (also known as the GT86 and Scion FR-S in other markets) sports car. Drivers can record their lap times and data with the new Sports Drive Logger, then upload the information to the Gran Turismo 6 video game, going head to head against friends and professional drivers.

The Sports Drive Logger telemetry recording device connects with the car's controller area network (CAN) and GPS to collect drive data. Toyota explains that collected data can include GPS information, vehicle speed, accelerator pedal input, steering angles, brake operation signals, shifting data and engine speed. That will provide a comprehensive look not only at the car's overall performance, but also at the driver input behind that performance.

Instead of just offering the data for computer upload, or incorporating HD video like the Corvette Performance Data Recorder, Toyota has worked with Sony Computer Entertainment toward applying the data to the PlayStation 3 Gran Turismo 6 car racing game. When the driver records real-life laps at certain racing circuits in Japan, he'll be able to upload and view those drives in the virtual world, providing an interesting way of "replaying" the run.

GT6 players will also be to race against their own real-life track runs or those from other drive logger users. The GT6 Toyota drive logger functionality will initially support the Fuji Speedway International Course, the Tsukuba Circuit 2000 Course, and the Suzuka Circuit International Course, with additional courses being added in the future.

In addition to replaying and racing their track runs, Sports Drive Logger users will be able to analyze their data against that of professionals, identifying specific ways of improving their real-world driving performances. The next time they hit the track, they can apply professional techniques, such as acceleration patterns, braking and track angles.

Toyota plans to launch the Sports Drive Logger in Japan on June 2 for a price of ¥91,800 (US$900). It does not mention plans for release in other markets.

The video below provides an illustration of how the Sports Drive Logger will work on the asphalt and couch.

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SRT – Gran Turismo 6 vs Forza 5

Published - 24 Feb 2014

Darin Gangi of InsideSimRacing has published a very interesting video, hosting a face-off between the two console heavyweights Forza Motorsport & Gran Turismo.

In the video, Darin takes the SRT Viper for a spin at Bathurst, comparing 17 different aspects to find out which title does it better.

Granted, every Forza vs. Gran Turismo comparison is a bit off these days, considering how the titles run on different generations of hardware. Still, it is an interesting comparison well worth to be checked out!

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Gran Turismo 6 – New Track Teaser Video

Published - 27 Jan 2014

A teaser video for an upcoming track addition to Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 6 has surfaced.

The video shows a scenic mediteranian road in the popular Playstation 3 racer, the new track is understood to be made available in February.

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Toyota FT-1 Concept racing to Gran Turismo 6 tomorrow

Published - 14 Jan 2014

Toyota, Polyphony Digital and Sony today revealed that Toyota's slick new concept car, the FT-1 Concept, will be racing to Gran Turismo 6 as part of a free update/download tomorrow.

What's special about the FT-1 is that Toyota approached Polyphony Digital to utilize Gran Turismo 6 to help pitch the idea of the concept coupe to management before it was given the green light. And the rest was apparently history.

Check out the vehicle in action in a new trailer.

Toyota FT-1: 2014 Detroit Show trailer:

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