VisionRacer VR3 LCD TV Swivel Adapter

Published - 15 Nov 2014

Over the life of SimRoom we have developed a few upgrades and changes to the VisionRacer VR3 range.  When we started life when the Logitech G25 was the "wow" wheel.  I still have one.

So we intended to go through each product and lay out what it does (maybe obvious) or if it's compatible with the VR3 MKI or the VR3 MKII.  (The MKI was made specifically to accommodate the G25 / G27 so have a welded on wheel plate and Side accessories mount.)

This post is about the VR3 LCD stand “Swivel mount adapter”.  We had a number of clients who lived in apartments where space is a premium.  They did not have the space to have a VR sitting into the room in front of the family TV.  A guy from Hong Kong put it to us to solve the problem so he could enjoy sim driving and keep the wife happy.  The proposition went along the lines of… “My wife will allow me to buy a new TV stand. I have selected the VisionRacer VR3 to be the most beautiful TV stand in the world.  Please make this happen…..” 

Our solution was to design a simple but effective solution.  An upgrade connector to the standard plastic item with a metal connector.  This has slots with locking screw handles.  The VR3 is placed against the wall and the TV is swivelled into the room for family time.  Then turned back 90 degrees to become the sim racing screen. 

Problem solved ….. everyone is happy.

Here is a video which shows the transition from sim to the partners program.

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