Project Cars versus iRacing versus Real Life.

Published - 20 Dec 2014

You have to be impressed by the fidelity of the sim racing software with the likes of iRacing and Project CARS. Check out this video of a real lap of Leguna Seca versus Project Cars.

Project CARS will be released for the PC, Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One starting March 17 in the United States and March 20 in Europe, coming both as standard edition as well as being available as Limited Edition which has additional content. iRacing is an online community of 50,000+. Check it out at

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Oculus Rift -iRacing vs Project Cars vs Assetto Corso

Published - 14 Dec 2014

iRacing has forged a avid base of users.  Given the heritage of the guys behind iRacing we could expect them to be early to tech like Oculus Rift.  

This video gives a balanced comparison between iRacing vs Assetto Corso vs Project Cars.  Given P Cars is still in development with a release March next year its giving a good showing.

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iRacing VF Holden

Published - 18 Nov 2014

IRacing has recently released a render of a Holden Super V8 car first mentioned back almost a year ago.

The iconic Bathurst track is the home of the Aussie V8's which started life as a 1000km dash by all types of cars in the early days.  Holden's and Fords dominate with Merc's now in and Volvo's back again. 

Check out the teaser video.

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Published - 11 Oct 2014

Following the first render of  the new Holden Commodore, iRacing has now released a first preview video of the Australian touring car.

The video below shows the Holden in its natural environment, the Mount Panorama Raceway at Bathurst.

The Australian V8 Superccar will soon be available to purchase for iRacing subscribers, the car joins its series rival, the Ford Falcon, inside the simulation.

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Published - 11 Sep 2014

iRacing’s upcoming new team racing feature has been the topic of much discussion lately and to get members even more exciting for the feature’s nearing launch, an official new preview video has been released.

Team racing in iRacing will allow members to form driving teams that will add a whole new depth to the multiplayer experience in the online racing simulation.

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iRacing to Sponsor Nürburgring 1000km Race

Published - 07 Aug 2014

iRacing has been announced as the title sponsor of the Blancpain Endurance Nürburgring 1000 kilometer race, held on 19-21 September.

The racing event is held with the motto “Virtual meets real racing” as the Nürburgring will also host a sim racing expo that weekend, inviting all visitors to check it out for free.

Speaking of free invitations, iRacing has launched a new promo to celebrate the occasion, offering three free months, as usual the offer is limited to sim racers who haven’t tried iRacing before.

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Empty Box Checks Out iRacing – Video

Published - 30 Jul 2014

Empty Box, one of the most prominent sim racing Youtubers, has checked out the newest iRacing build.

A few days ago, iRacing released a new build, introducing various new tracks, cars and improvements such as an improved tire model, backfires and more.

What does Empty Box think of these changes? Watch below and find out!

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iRacing BMW Z4 GT3 vs Bathurst (StabiZ Video)

Published - 03 Jun 2014

Here we go again… its weekend, and there is another StabiZ video released. So here it is for you to enjoy. This week StabiZ takes the iRacing BMW Z4 GT3 down under and laps the beautiful Australian Mount Panorama circuit. (Bathurst)

Mount Panorama, Motor Racing Circuit Bathurst is a racing circuit located in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. It is the home of the Bathurst 12 Hour race, held each February, and the famous Bathurst 1000 Austalian V8 Supercars race held each year in October.

As usual, Stabiz is showcasing the awesome graphics style of iRacing while recording the German M-Powered GT3 racer in slow motion. Stabiz is driving the iRacing BMW Z4 GT3 wearing the Marc VDS livery in its recognisable color scheme. The music that accompanies this video is “Golden City” by Coasts.

The European BMW Z4 GT3 is built to exact FIA GT3 regulations, but is modified in the United States to compete in the IMSA regulated GTE class. The BMW Z4 GT3 is as a factory customer car that can be purchased by private teams and raced in various series trough out the world. The BMW is powered by a 4.4-litre eight-cylinder engine derived from the BMW M3 GTS, and produces approx. 515 PS (379 kW; 508 bhp), weighting in at 1,190 kilograms.

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Indianapolis Comparison – rF2 vs. iRacing

Published - 26 May 2014

This week has seen the release of plenty of Indianapolis content as both iRacing and rFactor 2 have received the Dallara DW12 Indycar open wheeler.

Digiprost has taken the chance to created an interesting comparison video, showing the new cars in action on their home turf – Indianapolis.

The video below shows a lap in the DW12 in both simulations, using the Indianapolis infield Grand Prix track.

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Forza Motorsport 5 vs. iRacing – Indianapolis Check

Published - 23 May 2014

iRacing recently-released their version of the Dallara DW12 Indycar of Indianapolis 500 fame and the guys over at FTRRacingTv have used it to make an interesting comparison.

Below’s the iRacing version of the car, side by side with Forza Motorsport 5 as the Xbox One racer was actually the first racing title to feature the famous open wheel racer.

Which title does it better? The next-gen console title or the PC online simulation? Watch and decide yourself!

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