Aero-FX Aerospace R & D Suite

Flights Simulators

A turnkey research & development training suite for fixed-wing, rotor-wing and UAV systems.

FROM US$200000

All prices exclude local sales tax and duty (if any).

Product Description

The Aero-FX Aerospace R & D suite is a fixed wing, rotor wing and UAV flight simulation turnkey system.  The suite can be configured to meet your application for UAV training, aircraft development and accurate simulation.
Teach people to fly fixed wing, rotor wing and UAV aircraft.  Develop and test UAV systems in various conditions. Record behaviour and scenarios to replay for later analysis.
The DisplayDeck HD resolution screen system provides a large curved screen which gives life size scale. The diameter of the screen can be matched to your environment.  The curvature can be up to 360 degrees depending on the application software being used.

  • Fixed price contracts,
  • Known working outcome and performance,
  • Speed to implement,
  • Ongoing support and R & D to required service levels,
  • Upgradeable,
  • Networkable locally or remotely,
  • Area exclusivity can be negotiated.


  • The resolution of the screen can vary from 4800 x 800 pixels to 6480 x 1920 (230º degree, 3.7m diameter screen).   The screen height can be up to 4.5m (16’) high.
  • 3 degrees of freedom motion with pitch, heave is integrated with the HOTAS USB controls.
  • Radio Controller integration and display.  Fly with any type of RC transceiver.
  • The latest, biggest PC systems and graphic rendering engines are integrated.  These are housed in the overall cabinetry architecture.
  • Additional storage space is provided with integrated powered outlets. 
  • 3D immersive audio.
  • The system can be extend with
    • Eye retina tracking and mapping and data set manipulation,
    • 6 degrees of freedom head-sensing control and data sets,
    • USB Hotas controls to (TX/RX HITL) remote First Person View (FPV) flying with motion,
    • Dual seat Ground Control Systems to your specification, 
    • Hi resolution terrain,
    • Custom branding and designs.
    Delivery and Support 
    1. A system specification is consulted on and agreed.
    2. The system is built in 30-60 days packaged ready for delivery.
    3. We arrange the installation and commissioning. 
    4. Training and support is completed with a system hand over.
    5. The support agreement is activated to the agreed level.
    System requirements vary from application to application.  We can generate the investment value quickly which leads to a fixed price contract.

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    • Aerospace Engineering,
    • Simulation,
    • Training,
    • Security,
    • Military,
    • Showcases,
    • Personal and Commercial Entertainment.
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