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“The RMIT consulted with SimRoom to get an alternative view of simulation. The Military type suppliers were coming from a top down view, "we have it, so it must be best".  The (ex DARPA -US Govt., Special Technology Research)  RMIT Professor took the view that gaming was providing an expansive, open, well funded technology base. Given our prestigious client base, global systems experience and ability to innovate we were given the latitude to design the simulation and realtime / real world interfaces.  

SimRoom responded with a world class system design, in fact, leading edge.  Their commitment and attention to detail was nothing less that their reputation suggested.

We will be forming a Memorandum of Understanding with SimRoom to further develop and commercialisation of the UAV research undertaken. The domestic and export markets for this sector is substantial and under pressure for solutions at reasonable costs.

SimRoom promised the RMIT something special.  What we have installed is awesome” Dr. Reece Clothier, Deputy Director, Aerospace Research Centre, RMIT.

Dr Clothier is the Deputy Director of the Sir Lawrence Wackett Aerospace Research Centre, and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia."

-Dr Reece Clothier, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.


"Simulation and VR3 are an essential part of my training."

-Chris Van Der Drift


"Thank you for a dream of a entertainment machine."

-Dave, United Kingdom


"Superb, just allows me to drive accurately."

-Dieter, Germany


"For our part, the VisionRacer simulator has been crucial to our development of the WRC Evolved handling model. Literally hundreds of hours have been spent in the VisionRacer simulator, helping us to produce the most realistic driving game simulation ever.

All of the target stage times in WRC Rally Evolved have been set by a real rally driver, in a VisionRacer simulator, with no driving aids switched on."

-Evolution Studios, UK


"I have had VisionRacers since GT4. Its part of the family now. Get one!"

-Greg Murphy


"I just finished setting up the VR3. Wow, the machine looks amazing and feels great. I just realized something, damn I am tired. lol. There is just enough time for two beers and a couple of laps around the High Speed Ring in GT5P. Once again I wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful service and keep up the good business. I will be keeping my eye on your website."

-Jeff, USA


"To find New Zealand’s fastest virtual racer for the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy, we needed to have an accurate representation of real life race car driving - VisionRacer New Zealand helped us achieve this.

The finalists of the PlayStation GT Academy were only given one chance to race so precision, accuracy and a smooth simulation of driving was required.

Gran Turismo delivers the most realistic driver simulation experience and paired with VisionRacer results in an enhanced experience for gamers."

-Playstation, NZ


"I just Love it, just can't stay off it, im finding myself rushing around my deliveries at work just so that i can get home to play race games, you wouldn't think i was 42 years old, i feel like a big kid."

-Steven, United Kingdom


"Thanks again for all your help!!!

Please keep updating me with new information on product your company manufacturers; I love you guys! You guys are great and have superb customer service; even for people that are half way around the world."

-Jason C USA


"I would like to thank you for your patience and quick replies to me. I realize that a sale from me may not be a large reward for your work, but your quick and informative replies have sold me. Customer support is a lost art among most companies, but I have heard nothing but great things about your company and you are proving the image to be correct. 

On a personal note, let me add that I am very excited about receiving this unit. It really is a WORK OF ART and I will be very proud to own it. I already own a few other "cheaper and cheaper looking" units that my Kids use now and I am looking for something more professional for myself. The VR3 is absolutely gorgeous and will match my Macs and consoles perfectly."

-Jason F, USA


"From our perspective the ever increasing advancement with your VisionRacer products has been great and the step up to a motion system has been something we have always been looking for.

Once again thanks for your cooperation and service provided."

-NZ Motorsport Trust, New Zealand


"I would like to thank you for your patience with me and for your kind disposition as it makes things much easier when something goes wrong. The company is very lucky to have you. I know that none of this is your companies fault. You should simply be commended for doing a good job and keeping customers happy."

-Hans M, Australia


"I'm late into simulation training. I went for the pro edge with VisionRacer."

-Jonny Reid


"The vision racer is absolutely brilliant, everything is better, lap times included. I thank you very much once again, I will send you some picks of my setup, just hooked a buttkicker to it last night."

-Jason S, Australia


"Your awesome! I'll send some updated pics once I swap the seat over to show all the new equipment I added since I built it last year. Maybe you can feature on the website again ;-)"

-Juan M, Mexico


"I could have gone faster if I had a VR3 earlier in my career."

-Lucas Ordonez


"This really is the ultimate driving machine."

-Peter, New Zealand


"I just received my VisionRacer. Love it!"

-Mike, USA


"What can I say!! except : PERFECT. All my compliments to the VisionRacer staff."

-Pascal, Shanghai


"Great communication, delivered as expected and eternally helpful. Good stuff guys!"

-Sean P, USA


"The only problem I have is getting our friends to f?%k off home."

-Matthew, New Zealand


"It's not a game, it's a racing simulator!"

-Mike, New Zealand


"I'd simply describe it as the "iPod" of gaming accessories."

-Stick Sports, United Kingdom


"Thank you so so for all your help on this. My friends and I love that chair!"

-Jose M, Portico Rico


"The fit and finish is amazing"

-Tony, Manilla