DisplayDeck 180-2

Simulation Displays

This compact 180 degree surround display system is suitable for simulation, gaming or general entertainment. The standard resolution of 3840x1080 pixels, produces a seamless image across its 3.1 x 1.5m curved display surface.

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Product Description

A 180 degree surround display system provides a more immersive simulation experience. 3840 x 1080 pixels brings an amazing level of detail to your simulation or entertainment experience. The compact 2m diameter, front projection system has the space saving benefit in installations of single or multiple units.

This package includes 2 x full HD projectors seamlessly warped and blended to provide a 3.1m wide x 1.5m high projected image. All cables and software are included allowing it to be connected to any Windows PC system that supports nVidia Surround multiple displays.
The screen features a breathable fabric hood to reduce light spill. The supporting panels provide an enclosed cockpit like feel. The perspex panels can also be customised with branding to promote your business, race team or brand.
Designed to fit any VisionRacer Racing Rig, Aero-FX Flight Rig or SimRoom Gaming Chair allows full advantage of this amazing display system.

Package Includes

  • Aluminium Frame and Screen Material
  • Breathable Fabric Hood
  • 2 x Fully Adjustable Projector Mounts
  • 2 x Full HD (1080P) Projectors
  • Edge Blending Software
  • HDMI over CAT5 Video Cables & Adaptors
  • Projector Power Cables
  • Front & Rear Perspex Panels
  • Shipping Crate

Other Requirements (Not Included)

  • Gaming PC (requires nVidia Surround multi display support)